J. E. Watkins - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Watkins has 25 years of executive management experience in high-technology multinational manufacturing environments including, computers, printing systems, and semiconductors. He also has held executive management positions in computer services, telecommunications and agribusiness industries. He was a key contributor in a semiconductor manufacturing leveraged buyout-acquisition and subsequent IPO. Additionally, he has co-founded several companies and consulted to numerous start-up enterprises. Mr. Watkins has a BS Degree in Industrial Management and an MBA from the University of Southern California.

James A. Adler - President, Eastern Region

Mr. Adler is an experienced consultant in the fields of strategic and organizational planning and change management. He has assisted his clients in the development and implementation of their strategic and specific business objectives. Clients are assisted in the identification of their goals, priorities and resources for achieving success. He is a current member of the New York Human Resources Planners and a member and past director and officer of the Human Resource Planning Society. Mr. Adler has a BS Degree in Business and a Masters in Organizational Development.

Ralph D. Trombley – Corporate Manufacturing Consultant

Mr. Trombley has more than 25 years NPI (New Product Introduction) experience in the high-technology manufacturing environments, including internet hardware, high end computing solutions, telecommunications and most peripheral devices. He also has held manufacturing / test management positions in several of the largest electronic industry PCB (Printed Circuit Board) companies in the Americas. He has extensive experience in change management, lean production and communication techniques used to integrate a customers design process into a manufacturing environment.